To the International Community

By: Juan Almendares

International workers, peasants, indigenous, women; civic and religious organizations in favour of the liberation of our peoples; to the institutions for the defense of human rights, gender, the environment and to social communicators. Friends of the Earth International, Friends at ATALC and all regions of the world:

I am pleased to thank the entire world for all the expressions of solidarity with the peoples of Central America and particularly with the people of Honduras and against the military coup which is still in force.

On Tuesday, June 30th, 2009, I gave a speech outside the Presidential Building to thousands of Honduran people who were protesting in the rain with their skin and hearts toughened by dissatisfaction, pain and persecution, and also to all the people who could not be there, because they have been beaten by the military forces, to all the people arrested, the ones who were injured or are being harassed and had to leave the country.

In that speech I said that an organized, mobilized people is greater and stronger than the violent army which uses weapons bought by the hunger, pain and suffering of the poor and ill people in Honduras.

While the people demonstrated, the military regime organized a march with its supporters, who were immediately referred to as the “white-collar people” because, interestingly, they were all dressed in new, clean shirts, most of them white, which contrasted with the “march of the toughened people”, organized by the Popular Resistance Front.

The white-collar people belong to a sector of the population linked with the powerful classes which participate with the army and celebrate the military coup and violence. They promoted in their speeches a national dialogue ensured by bayonets, machine guns and tanks against the people.

In view of this situation of violence, the vitality of the Popular Resistance Front remains, thanks to the heroism of the population, the indigenous communities, Garifunas, peasants, workers and students movements, women organizations, academics who do not serve the current situation, and of course, the international solidarity from all the peoples of the world.

In token of this global humanism, several national and international marches and protests are being carried out to reinstate the constitutional government of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales and to ensure that the rights of the citizens are respected. These acts of solidarity are taking place in all regions of Honduras, in El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Uruguay, Cuba and the Caribbean; Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and all Latin America. In the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. The United Nations General Assembly, the OAS, the ALBA states and the Central American Integration System have also shown a significant rejection to this military coup.

However, we remain alert to what happens in Honduras every minute of the day, in a moment when it was announced that during the next few days Honduran President Manuel Zelaya will return to the country, joined by a delegation of the OAS and the UN. However, the current de facto regime has repeatedly said that they will arrest Zelaya. In view of this situation, the spirit of the Popular Resistance Front remains alive; it will not give in and will continue fighting for the reestablishment of the constitutional order.

Throughout the history of our country, the powerful classes and the military have been guardians at the service of the interests of the multinational companies. This is the fundamental reason why our peoples reject trade agreements based on economic and social inequality, concessions and mining and timber exploitation; tree monoculture plantations that destroy biodiversity; agrofuels; violations to food sovereignty; and policies that contribute with the carbon emissions that worsen climate change.

In the framework of all these solidarity efforts to Honduras, in these moments of pain, we acknowledge the work of the real friends of the Earth: Friends of the Earth International, and at a Latin American level ATALC and Via Campesina, and all social, native peoples, young people, women´s organizations and the entire international community.

Thanks to the love and local, regional and global solidarity, the struggle for sovereignty, unity, and the historic dignity of our peoples continues in Honduras and the world.

Tegucigalpa, July 1st, 2009